I'm Back =D


Welcome myself :)

Sorry pixnetnet .

Sorry ah blah :D


Gonna make this blog my private blog O.O


Because hor this blogggg can lock postsss =D

And I miss here muchiiie .

Blogger sometimes do make me feel sad .

Toooo XXX :)


Password here first :)

Got a few types of password I may use .


Firstly , public password .


* Why I'm giving this ? XD

Cause this specially for my lil blogger ^

Those who read this post may know .

Those who didn't or don't even care ?! F*** off C:


Secondly , title sounds like :: To XXX

Then I'll write there ; key in your name .

If that's not you , just go away .

Respect others privacy please =D


Thirdly , hidden password =D

I'll write a clue there :)


Forth , private password :D

This kind of password must take from me :)

Via FB MSN HP Blaaaaaaah whatever ^


* After you viewed the last three types [2nd , 3rd , 4th]

Leave a comment by writting your name there .

So I'll know who made it +D


Just telling you guys I'm back here .

Stay tuned .

Will be updated soon .

Gooodbye .


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